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CDI vs JRebirth

A lot of blog posts are related to CDI for JavaFX applications.

But why do you need to add a complex mechanism to perform simple task, you will answer that all these magical things will simplify developer’s life.

You’re wrong, magic things that add additional stuff are not so useful when they don’t simplify the whole feature.

Why should we inject loader or other utilities classes to do a common task ? It’s better to simplify the common task itself !

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JRebirth Application Framework 0.7.6 is released

Hi everyone !

I’m pleased to inform you that we have released JRebirth 0.7.6.
It brings some threading improvements and add a default JavaFX preloader with some basic API enhancement.
You should migrate to this new version immediately.

You can find the full release notes here :
and the installation procedure here:

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