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JRebirth Sample Application

A POC (proof of Concept) is being written to explain how to build a JRebirth based application that communicate with a JEE server. As usual it gives me a lot of ideas to improve some parts of JRebirth (ie: adding default CRUD support) API, I will work some weeks on it, let me know if you have more urgent tasks.

Obviously this application will be open sourced, it will deal with a subject that will interest a lot of fan of a certain hexalogy (and more)…, I’ve just hired an assistant: my elder son who knows a lot of fine details about the saga. Check the JRebirth Github pages to be informed of work progression.

The architecture used will be quite simple to be easily customizable and reusable in other contexts.

Database: MySQL
Servlet Container: Tomcat
Database Access Layer: JPA => Hibernate
Communication Layer: JAX-RS => Jersey
Serialization Engine: JAX-B
Client Framework: JRebirth 😉

Later I will probably extract some files to build a more complex Maven archetype (client-server), give me feedbacks if you are interested in.

Participate to JRebirth Roadmap

As you probably noticed, a new poll is accessible on the right bar of the website related on JRebirth future road map.
Thank you to those who have already given their opinions (it’s so valuable for us).

I will now describe each feature with a little more details than few words written into the poll. All of them are ambitious but without challenge there isn’t any fun !
Obviously all minor changes will be still integrated, so don’t hesitate sending us some feedbacks, we are hearing you and want to build the framework you have ever craved.

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