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JavaFX Unleashed with JRebirth at SoftShake2015

On Friday the 23th of October I have talked about JRebirth Application Framework during Soft-Shake 2015 conference (Geneva, Hepia).

This was the first time I talked only about JRebirth, pretty hard task to explain the JRebirth abstraction and its benefits.

Once again I shipped all family with me to discover Switzerland !! We have visited an interesting museum, the cathedral and the United Nations palais.

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JavaFX Workshop at EclipseCON France 2013

On Friday the 15th of June I have animated a JavaFX workshop at EclipseCON France 2013 (Toulouse,  Centre de Congrès Pierre Baudis).

The workshop lasted 1h45 and has been recorded but video is probably lost in wonkyland.
The primary goal was to do repair seven applications (Mastering Tables) in which I remove some code to explain some noticeable JavaFX features (Java Builders, Stage  Scene and Node basis, Properties and Binding, CSS, Event Handling, FX effects, Animation)

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JavaFX 2 Presentation at EclipseDay Toulouse 2012

On thursday 24h of May I have demonstrated JavaFX capabilities at EclipseDay conference.

The talk lasted 30 minutes, 20min of slides presentation followed by 10 minutes of Live coding (An JavaFX hello World! using Tom Schindl eclipse plugin then a EclipseRCP application).

You can find it here :

An Hellow world JavaFX application has been written in Live, and a Eclipse RCP application that embed several JavaFX components has been shown too.

All code source of these 3 application is available on GitHub :