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How JRebirth deploys to JCenter and Maven Central

This post will describe briefly how we are managing the release of all JRebirth artifacts by using Maven Build, Jenkins, Artifactory, Bintray/JCenter and Nexus.


All JRebirth artifacts are deployed to several repositories as explained into the official documentation page : Installation

As you probably know, JRebirth is built using Maven tool, really convenient to package binaries, javadoc and sources jar but also to make and deploy the jrebirth website with syntax highlighting (thx to doxia include macro). It allows to break the build if a piece of code used into documentation is missing (ie: after some refactoring changes).

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How to build and package JavaFX 2 Application with Maven

I hate Ant, and I can’t begin to work on a project that requires using it.

So like many people I want to build my brand new JavaFX 2 applications with the best toolchain available for Java : Maven.

I planned to create a custom maven-plugin to do the job, but by using existing ones we can do it.
Some things must be improved but the essential works.

The results is a zip file containing all dependencies (jar) with a jnlp file used to launch the application online or offline.

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