Back To Work

Hey ! That’s a long time without any activity on JRebirth, really too long.

During this time the JRebirth 8.6.0 version was released to fix some issues awaiting a release to handle them, our CI server is definitely dead and I don’t want to waste my time to rebirth it 😉 so I will continue in degraded mode (with old school way : just maven command line).

I have also build a personal application dealing with Music content but I can’t publish it for free. It gave me the opportunity to improve some core features of JRebirth.

In my day to day work I will probably be forced to migrate to the Dark side and start to work with µ$0ft technologies so to keep my mind safe I will work again with JavaFX each evening.

The next step is to improve greatly the code generation for beans and maybe other classes to speed up developments.

Some core improvements will also concern automatic chain actions with remote computation or access.

Migration to java 9/10/11 is also an option, I will probably create a dedicated branch for this purpose.

Let me know if you wish a custom feature, it’s time to move forward !
It’s quite easy to find me on Twitter or LinkedIn and I receive all emails sent to






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