JRebirth and JSR 377

I haven’t blog for a while because I had to prepare a special coming (not arrived yet).

You have probably heared that a JSR has been started to normalize JavaFX Application Framework: JSR 377 Desktop|Embedded Application API.

I have made a summary of which features are supported into JRebirth.

The first column list the JSR #377 objectives (listed by Hendrik) and the the right column is the current JRebirth status:

JSR Objectives JRebirth Status
dependency injection via JSR330yes_32Done with JRebirth’s annotations
common application structureyes_32Componentization: Command, Service and Model (but also Behavior
application life-cyclepartial_32start and shutdown (managing internal threads)
localized resourcesyes_32with provided i18n engine
resource injectionyes_32Resource engine supporting, Image, Color, Font, CSS, FXML
localized configurationyes_32support parameters and localized log
decouple state from UI (binding)yes_32Uses the third level (Model View Controller) of the customp pattern WB-CS-MVC, with a dedicated bind method into the Model component.
persistence session state (preferences)partial_32only save parameter into a flat file
action managementyes_32see Command components
component life-cycleyes_32Command, Service, Models are components with their own lifecycle, Behaviors have another lifecycle depending on Components
light-weight event busyes_32Notifier (=EventBus) managing Waves (=Message)
honor threading concerns (specific to UI toolkit)yes_32manage threading concerns for developers
application extensibility via plugins (implies modularity)partial_32Application can be cold-extended by adding jars to the classpath containing JRebirth Components

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