Model or not Model

Last day I’ve seen a really disappointing blog entry about JRebirth pattern:

Unfortunately it wasn’t possible to contact the author to give my point of view, but what’s the good? Not enought time to explain how to write Desktop application to a guy still playing with J2EE in 2018. Damned!

So I decided to write a blog entry in case of somebody else read it in order to explain why he is wrong when he claims that.

A model that has a compile-dependency on the view?


A model never depends on a view in order to compile, for one simple reason: a correctly designed model can support multiple views simultaneously.”

Hey I have no word to answer to that, there are so many Design pattern around MVC principles in so many different context, how can you seriously say so much definitve statement. The “model” word is not a trademark , neither a norm even when written in bold.

Even English and French wikipedia disagree each other.

So yes Model can act differently according to the whole Design Pattern used. Please read documentation about Model into MVC, MVP, MVVM. As comparison for older people, we can assume that Java Swing MVC pattern is totally different than Struts MVC or other web frameworks using FrontController.

It will publish soon a Presentation comparing some Design Pattern used to build Rich Desktop application, it could be a little bit outdated but will help to understand JRebirth pattern.

JRebirth is not using MVC, it uses wB-CS-Mvc over MultiThreaded engine.

The documentation clearly says :

Model (M) Components are used to manage the User Interface, it has control on the View element and shall provide data to display for example by calling a Service. A Model creates its attached View automatically by reflection. A Model manage the View logic.

Each is responsible of a piece of data, and shall manage all its update to finally display it into the View. It’s the way a modern rich desktop interface work, we are not rendering HTML page after page.

JRebirth Models are JRebirth Components and they are ALL disposable !

But you can build a basic page-application, you just have to understand that there will be 1 model per page. And this will not produce memory leak due to special optimization hidden into the 79,695 lines of Java….

So before publishing such rag blog, Read The Fucking Manual !

Then you can discuss and find some points to improve or review.


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