Type Filters for Accelerated JavaFX 2.0 UI development

I was bored by Eclipse who ask me to choose between many API classes when I press crtl+shift+O to Organize Imports.

So I explore the type filters feature of my preferred IDE : Eclipse.Here you have a screenshot of packages filtered to gain few seconds when you write new class reference into your code.

I filter the awt and swing API, and also the Javafx inner API and other package which hold simlilar class names.

if you want to copy paste packages name :

  • AWT
  • ** com.sun.awt.*
  • ** java.awt.*
  • Swing
  • ** javax.swing.*
  • Inner JavaFX 2.0 API
  • ** com.sun.javafx.*
  • ** com.sun.prism.*
  • For Line class
  • ** javax.sound.sampled.*
  • For Duration class
  • ** javax.xml.datatype.*

Be careful some classes will be inaccessible now.

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