2015 Highlights

Hey a new year has begun, let’s have a look of past year to see JRebirth highlights.

We have delivered more than 20 releases since the beginning, near to 5 official release per year during  4 years.

If we are looking overall download count from Maven Central in 2015, we can observe an amazing download peak in August, Summer is a great season to play with JRebirth 😀Stats

Because all these downloads cannot be analyzed as unique JRebirth installation, let’s see the real number of the core artifact to have a more realistic number.StatsCore

Now let’s the number of download per version. We can see that old versions tend to be less downlaoded, but they seem to be a little bit active.

770 771 772 773 774

Apparently latest 7.x version has not been used by the community for 3 months, a good point !775

Don’t forget that you can use JRebirth 8.x with Java 7 by using retrolambda project (quite a bit experimental).

The 8.x version have been quiclky rolled to be reactive and support our most intense users.800 801 802 803 804

By analyzing these charts we can conclude that we have a maximum of 100 installations per versions, this number can be interpreted in a variety of ways, because downloaders can be a proxy server (like artifactory) or developers (that can purge periodically their .m2 cache).

Another statistic is available from Bintray server which is less used to download JRebirth. We can see that JRebirth is downloaded from a lot of countries ! The USA peak is certainly linked to the presence of a lot of servers used for synchronization (or a lot of users…, don’t really know)


The key focus for 2016 will be to increase and improve Documentation (HTML and  videos) but it takes a lot of time and during thsi time new features cannot be developped.

Don’t  hesitate to send feedbacks or feature request or just say hello on the mailing list. It’s always interesting to learn more about our tiny community.

Thanks for all users and contributors, and best wishes for your JavaFX projects in 2016.



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