JRebirth 0.7.4 is released

Hi everyone!

I’m pleased to inform you that we have released JRebirth 0.7.4.
It brings some API changes ( some method names are now shorter to simplify usage).
Obviously it also provides some bug fixes and enhancements.
You should migrate to this new version immediately.

You can find the full release notes here : www.jrebirth.org/releaseNotes.html
and the installation procedure here: www.jrebirth.org/doc/Installation.html

Next Steps will be the minor version 0.7.5 with some small (& big) features, let us know if you need something else like DooApp team which send us priceless feedbacks and requests.

JRebirth Team is also actively working on JRebirth Forge plugin that will greatly improve and speed up application development, any feedback is welcomed !

As usual 0.7.4 version is available on:

Official Release Note is available here : www.jrebirth.org/releaseNotes.html

What’s new ?

0.7.4 – Core Release- 2013-07-22

This version must be used instead of 0.7.3 because a lot of API changes and bug fixes is provided. JRebirth’s Team is growing and we are now proud to have our own Forge plugin to build application faster (Thanks to Raj & Guru)

  • API changes, a lot of method have been rename to hava a more concise name
    CustomXXX method have been replaced, and now in example you just need to implement initModel instead of customInitialize method.
  • Manage Image & StyleSheet as Resources feature
    It’s now possible to load these resources with JRebvith resource engine it’s also possible to use them as JRebirth properties.
  • Properties that define default folder for images and style sheets have been added
    By default images and style sheets will be loaded from these folder .
  • Parameterize Default CSS File feature
    Define a default CSS file to load if none have been defined.
  • Parameterize Application Name
    Application name shown into the title bar of the stage can be parameterized as a properties instead of overriding the Application method getApplicationTitle.
  • Provide Event Annotation for view’s root node feature
    We can now attach event handler on the view’s root node by using a View annotation.
  • Define id of the view’s root node with an annotation
    Add @RootNodeId annotation to define id of the view’s root node.
  • Manage default bindable object
    Each Model class manage a default object and provides specific method to bound all properties.
  • Improve internal commands
    Internal command such AttachCommand and DetachCommand have been improved to be more robust.
  • Fix a regression related to fonts preloading
    Font preloading had been broken and so fixed.
  • Fix deadlock generator
    While using runInto method, deadlocks can occured in some specific cases, everything goes right now 🙂
  • Improve overall concurency
    Some parts have been refactored to improve race condition with AtomicBoolean.

Coming soon

The next development version is 0.7.5-SNAPSHOT and is now downloadable from OJO : oss.jfrog.org with timestamped version
t will bring some cool features (undoredo support, real Service Worker integration and many more…)

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