JRebirth 0.7.5 is released

Hi everyone !

I’m pleased to inform you that we have released JRebirth 0.7.5.
It brings some new useful features like full Service layer implementation (that supports  task progress).
You should migrate to this new version immediately.

You can find the full release notes here : stable.jrebirth.org/releaseNotes.html
and the installation procedure here: stable.jrebirth.org/doc/Installation.html

I really want to thank DooApp Team wich send us priceless feedbacks and requests, while giving us some nice improvements ideas.

Next Steps will be the version 0.7.6, contact us on our mailing list if you need something !

As usual 0.7.5 version is available on:

0.7.5 – “Aerodynamite” Release – 2013-09-30

This version provides several priceless enhancements, you should consider migration.

  • Force callCommand to use right WaveBean class feature
    Now the callCommand require to use the right WaveBean type according to the command class used
  • Allow to catch orphan waves feature & Improve WaveBean usability duplicate
    Orphan waves will be caught by an handler that could be parameterized, the default one will throw a RuntimeException only if DeveloperMode is activated
  • Manage default services feature The service component has now a fully operational service task used to follow progression with binding.
    A bug was also fixed that was leading to a pause into the JIT waiting the result of the service. Now services are fully parallelized (running into JTP) and don’t block the JIT.
    Thanks to Antoine for having disclosed this problem (related to dead code).
  • Add resource parameter support
    All resources can be parameterized into JRebirth properties files.
  • Provide Undo/Redo support An Undo/Redo module has been added to demonstrate that Command layer is versatile and can manage complex workflow.
    A Showcase has been also added and deployed on the website: Undo/Redo Showcase.
    Thanks to Bastien for bug fix.
  • Allow Wave filtering according to a filter Data When a component listen a generic wave, it will receive all waves even those related to other components.
    Now it’s possible add a filter (defined as a callback) to receive only right waves.
    A sample is available into the StackModel component (of components module).
  • Allow customization of component instantiation It’s now possible to define its own factory class in order to build JRebirth top-level components (Command, Service, Model).
    For example you can plug a injector (like Guice) into your factory to build a outstanding pluggable software.
  • Bad Wave Contract Check with several parameters
    When application is start with developerMode parameter to true, all wave handler method are checked at runtime, this feature is now fully operational
  • Boolean Property is not overridable bug fix
    The default value of some parameters couldn’t be updated by properties file, it’s fixed
  • Override programmatically a Parameter
    It’s now possible to override programmatically a parameter by calling the define method, parameters values will be set according to this order : default, properties file, define call.
  • Only service method that return nothing (void) will not send a return wave
    Service method that return null will send a return wave with the null value.
  • Provide i18 Suppport
    Now it’s possible to manage l10n properties files to translate your application
  • Provide Smart logging capabilities Internal log are now localized, and use log markers. Custom hook has been added to support line number for log back
  • Add getFXMLController method Add this method into AbstractFXMLModel class to allow getting the FXML controller
  • Introduce JRebirth Runnable Priority Priority can be set for Commands and Service Task and any runnable run into JIT and JTP

Coming soon

The next development version is 0.7.6-SNAPSHOT and is now downloadable from OJO : oss.jfrog.org with an history of 50 timestamped version !

It will bring some newer enhancement, you can chek the roadmap here :  0.7.6 RoadMap

Stay Tuned !

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