JRebirth Application Framework 7.7.0 is released

Hi everyone !

I’m pleased to inform you that we have released JRebirth 7.7.0.

The most important fact is that JRebirth releases are now synchronized with Maven Central repository.

Please note that Maven coordinates and base package have changed so you should prepare your migration as soon as possible according to your project constraints.

You can find the full release notes here : stable.jrebirth.org/releaseNotes.html
and the installation procedure here: stable.jrebirth.org/doc/Installation.html

Beware: Hottest Change with high impact

Please note that JRebirth Version Numbering has changed for this newer version.
This is the first version of the 7.x.y branch that will remain compatible with Java 7.

Two big changes have been made due to specific Maven Central Rules (you can read the OSS sonatype JIRA ticket OSSRH-8707 if you want to learn more about this decision.

I apologize for side effect that will occurred into your source code but all JRebirth artifacts have been relocated with newer Maven coordinate (groupId), so you must update your dependencies
Older Core dependency declaration:


Newer Core dependency declaration:


To keep an homogeneous library I have also refactored the package definition of all JRebirth Source Code in order to avoid having artifact groupId not synchronized with real Java package embedded.

So you must update all your java import declaration.
Older Java Import:

import org.jrebirth.core.application.DefaultApplication;

Newer Java Import:

import org.jrebirth.af.core.application.DefaultApplication;

You can use the “Organize Import” feature of your favorite IDE to resolve all newer classes location. But some interactive action could be required for some class name collision.

So you can use instead a custom regexp to update all reference to org.jrebirth.core to org.jrebirth.af.core.

Into Eclipse you can also add “default static import” to manage resources in a convenient way.

Type “create(” then do a  ctrl + space and the completion utility will import statically the class org.jrebirth.af.core.resource.Resources

I hope that new users can now play with JRebirth by just downloading it from Maven Central.

So let’s work on 7.7.1 future version !
Don’t hesitate to  contact us on our mailing list if you need something !

7.7.0 version is available on:

7.7.0 – “Wanna Rock” Release Notes 2014-02-09

The first version of the 7.x.x branch that only supports Java 7

  • Allow Service to call a command to handle its result – #94
    It’s now possible to define a command that will be called asynchronously when the service task has terminated.
    You can use one of the following method:

    • void registerCallback(final WaveType callType, final WaveType responseType, final Class<? extends Command> returnCommandClass)
    • void registerCallback(final WaveChecker waveChecker, final WaveType callType, final WaveType responseType, final Class<? extends Command> returnCommandClass)
  • Customize Thread used when handling a Wave – #92
    It’s now possible to use @runInto annoation to define the thread to use when handling a wave. ie: @OnWave(“mySuperWave”) @RunInto(RunType.JTP, RunnablePriority.Highest) public void handleIt(Object myFirstParam, Wave wave){
  • Allow the possibility to specify a WaveChecker for the registerCallback method – #91
    Add some method to allow usage of WaveChecker also for registerCallback methods (already done for listen methods)
  • Bad usage of immutable list bug – #90
    Collections.emptyList() was misused into DefaultFXMLModel, thanks to Regis to have found this bug
  • Publish to Maven Central deployment – #89
    JRebirth artifacts is now pushed on Maven Central repository
  • Retrieve model from different KeyParts (but same content) – #88
    Each JRebirth Component can now use object that embed @KeyGenerator annotation to define how unique string key will be generated
  • ServiceTask state set to success even if the task actually fails – #87
    ServiceTask will set the wave status to failed if it fails itself
  • TaskTrackerService is broken – #86
    This is not a bug for Java 7u51
    A custom log was badly formatted, error message is also improved to facilitate trouble diagnosis
  • Check WaveContract when sending a Wave – #84
    When a wave is sent, its wave contract will be checked in developer mode
  • Improve All Object Model – #69
    All object model have been refactored and homogenized
  • Add @OnWave feature – #50
    It’s now possible to define wave handler method by using the @OnWave annotation

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