JRebirth Application Framework 7.7.1 is released

I’m pleased to inform you that we have released JRebirth 7.7.1 which fix a regression introduced into 7.7.0 and provides some new interesting features.

You can find the full release notes here : stable.jrebirth.org/releaseNotes.html
and the installation procedure here: stable.jrebirth.org/doc/Installation.html

What’s new

This new version fixes the event handler annotations regression and add some other annotations:

  • to inject components at runtime (automatically performed during initialization phase)
  • to define custom methods to run during components’ lifecycle phase

Memory consumption of resources has been reduced, and some simplifications have been made for SimpleModel and DefaultFXMLModel.

So let’s work on 8.0.0 future version which will be powered by newer Java 8 features !
Feel free to  contact us on our mailing list if you need something for 7.x or 8.x branch !
7.7.1 version is available on:

7.7.1 – “Palladium” Release Notes 2014-04-24

This is a maintenance version of the 7.x.x branch built for Java 7 (but compatible with Java 8)

This version provides enhancements and bug fixes listed below:

  • Manage dynamic resources #48
    Resource Management has been improved by retaining all resources by their toString ResourceParams object.
    Moreover same parameters are now only retained once.
    New Resource Item usage will be available with 8.0.0 version using Java 8 features.
  • Add Annotation for common phase of components #51
    It’s now possible to add method by using one of these annotations: @BefeoreInit, @AfterInit, @OnRelease.
    You can use @MethodPriority to define a custom call order or @SkipAnnotation to avoid usage of them for performance consideration.
  • Component injection #96
    You can use @Component on any Component field to automatically inject another component, this injection is performed during component initialization phase.
  • Simplify FXML usage – #98
    DefaultFXMLModel will now load by default the fxml file that has the same name of the model class name (and at the same location).
  • Improve Simple Model – #103
    Simple now supports auto instantiation of the root node according to generic type used, it also supports @RootNodeId annotation for SimpleModel.
  • @OnXXX are broken into 7.7.0 #99
    A regression had been introduced into 7.7.0 due to package refactoring, Event handler annotations are not operational into 7.7.0 but fixed into 7.7.1
  • Rename execute Command method #105
    This API change is a cosmetic one because “execute” has a sad connotation and is now replaced by “perform”.

API Changes

  • AbstractSimpleModel.prepareNode() => AbstractSimpleModel.initSimpleView()
  • Command.execute(Wave) => Command.perform(Wave)

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