JRebirth Application Framework 7.7.2 is released

I’m pleased to inform you that we have released JRebirth 7.7.2 which fix bugs found into demo applications.

You can find the full release notes here : sites.jrebirth.org/org.jrebirth-7.7.2/releaseNotes.html
and the installation procedure here: sites.jrebirth.org/org.jrebirth-7.7.2/doc/Installation.html

What’s new

This new version fixes some troubles experienced with demo applications like bad image loading (by presentation engine) or animation failure that lead to an empty slide.

The 8.0.0 version is under active developement with already a lot of nice new features powered with Java 8 (Fluent API, Command using method references,  Support for multiple annotations, Resources declaration into Enum thanks to default methods).

Workbench development has been slowed due to the introduction of Behavior concept that will allow to add competences to any Component (Command, Service and Model) by simply adding some keyword.

Feel free to  contact us on our mailing list if you need something for 7.x or 8.x branch !

7.7.2 version is available on:

7.7.2 – “Paradise City” Release Notes 2014-06-10

This version fix a regression introduced with newer resource engine, it was backported from 8.x branch that fixes the problem too.

  • NPE when using LocalImage without ImageExtension #117
    The newer resource engine has introduced a NPE when LocalImage are used without an ImageExtension defined (it’s retrieved from filename).
  • Fix all Demo application
    Some slides were broken due to negative cycle duration produced by a negative randomized number.
    Fix also all stable version.

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