JRebirth Application Framework 7.7.3 is released

I’m pleased to inform you that we have released JRebirth 7.7.3 which fix some bugs.

You can find the full release notes here : sites.jrebirth.org/org.jrebirth-7.7.3/releaseNotes.html
and the installation procedure here: sites.jrebirth.org/org.jrebirth-7.7.3/doc/Installation.html

Be careful, this release has a major regression , please use the 7.7.5 version instead.

What’s new

This new version contains severals small enhancements, and I want to thank several contributors:

  • Paul to have point out bad link on FXML showcase page
  • Bastien and @Rizen59 (@agonist) to have debugged possible memory leaks and help us to improve some fxml stuff and key management
  • Michallis to have proposed a new feature (i18n dynamic reloading)
  • Peter: to have reported the log translation trouble when application is launched with JWS and to have submit a workaround
  • naimdjon: for his pull request used to fix the build with jdk7 (remove bootclasspath hack replace by a new maven profile)
  • Maximilien (@mediamana): for his pull request used to fix archetype usability and all his feedbacks


The 8.0.0 version is still under active developement even I have done a long break, a lot of home works to prepare the arrival of my third personal co-release.


Feel free to contact us on our mailing list if you need something for 7.x or 8.x branch !


7.7.3 version is available on:

7.7.3 – “Radioactive” Release 2014-09-09

This version is a maintenance release that fixes several troubles listed below, obviously all these changes have been ported to 8.x branch.

  • All FXML model shall use naming convention #121DefaultFXMLModel now automatically load FXML file that share the same base name.
  • Manage Multiple Image Location #122Images, fonts and styles can now be accessed from different default folders.
  • Add Environment Variable Support #123Environment variable resolution is now possible for all JRebirth parameters.
  • FXMLModel should be released too #124FXMLModel are now also released from memory (like othr Models) when their rootNode it not linked to the current scene.
  • Improve release method #125Annotated method with @OnRelease are called when the JRebirth component is released.
  • Add Exception to JRebirth log level #127A special log level is now active to throw an exception.
  • Properties files not loaded with Java Webstart #128Properties files were not correctly load when launching applications with Java Webstart, JWS classpath is now scanned at boot-up to search and load them.
  • Don’t check the first key part #129The first key part was checked and could could lead to misrepresentation of Component Key.
  • Add string values for log message not formatted #130When log messages are not resolved, the logged message now include the message key and values (if any).
  • Showcase compilation error #131JRebirth compilation with Jdk 7 was using a bootclasspath hack, now it relies on a custom Maven profile.
  • Fix Archetype usage #135Fix usage of JRebirth archetype and pdate command line described into the tutorial page.

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