JRebirth Application Framework 7.7.5 is released

I’m pleased to inform you that we have released JRebirth 7.7.5 which fix an ugly regression of the 7.7.3 found the day after the release and not completely fixed by 7.7.4.

This will probably be the final release of the 7.x branch (except if a fatal error is found).

The upcoming 8.0.0 version will be released soon and will require Java8, newer amazing features are on the go, stay tuned !!

You can find the full release notes here : sites.jrebirth.org/org.jrebirth-7.7.5/releaseNotes.html
and the installation procedure here: sites.jrebirth.org/org.jrebirth-7.7.5/doc/Installation.html

What’s new

This new version finally succeed to fix an ugly piece of code that break the application when it tries to release some memory:

  • The bug was found by a user that email me, the fxml showcase broke down after several quick clicks (ps: I don’t know his name)
  • The second occurrence of this bug was noticed by Vasily

This final release of the 7.x branch is the first stable release that contains news bug fixes and new feature from 7.7.3 version which had got many contribution listed below:

  • Paul to have point out bad link on FXML showcase page
  • Bastien and @Rizen59 (@agonist) to have debugged possible memory leaks and help us to improve some fxml stuff and key management
  • Michallis to have proposed a new feature (i18n dynamic reloading)
  • Peter: to have reported the log translation trouble when application is launched with JWS and to have submit a workaround
  • naimdjon: for his pull request used to fix the build with jdk7 (remove bootclasspath hack replace by a new maven profile)
  • Maximilien (@mediamana): for his pull request used to fix archetype usability and all his feedbacks

Big thanks to all of them, all contributions are so useful to build a reliable application framework ! There are so many things to do, any help is welcomed

Feel free to contact us on our mailing list if you need something for 7.x or 8.x branch !


7.7.5 version is available on:

7.7.5 – “Dark Horse” Release 2014-10-13

This version is a maintenance release that fixes a regression that throw an exception when trying to release some memory.

  • ConcurrentModificationException On StackModel #136
    The error was thrown by StackModel component when trying to release some models, it was a fatal bad coding practice…..

It contains also all changes from 7.7.3 version:

  • All FXML model shall use naming convention #121
    DefaultFXMLModel now automatically load FXML file that share the same base name.
  • Manage Multiple Image Location #122
    Images, fonts and styles can now be accessed from different default folders.
  • Add Environment Variable Support #123
    Environment variable resolution is now possible for all JRebirth parameters.
  • FXMLModel should be released too #124
    FXMLModel are now also released from memory (like othr Models) when their rootNode it not linked to the current scene.
  • Improve release method #125
    Annotated method with @OnRelease are called when the JRebirth component is released.
  • Add Exception to JRebirth log level #127
    A special log level is now active to throw an exception.
  • Properties files not loaded with Java Webstart #128
    Properties files were not correctly load when launching applications with Java Webstart, JWS classpath is now scanned at boot-up to search and load them.
  • Don’t check the first key part #129
    The first key part was checked and could could lead to misrepresentation of Component Key.
  • Add string values for log message not formatted #130
    When log messages are not resolved, the logged message now include the message key and values (if any).
  • Showcase compilation error #131
    JRebirth compilation with Jdk 7 was using a bootclasspath hack, now it relies on a custom Maven profile.
  • Fix Archetype usage #135
    Fix usage of JRebirth archetype and pdate command line described into the tutorial page.