JRebirth Application Framework 8.0.0 is released

I’m pleased to inform you that we have finally released JRebirth 8.0.0.
Please note that this version is only compatible with Java 8.

This is the first release of the 8.x branch that have been merged on the master branch.
The 7.x branch will be frozen on the 7.7.5 version until someone ask me to fix an issue (and if they can not migrate to 8.0.0 version).

You can find the full release notes here : sites.jrebirth.org/org.jrebirth-8.0.0/releaseNotes.html
and the installation procedure here: sites.jrebirth.org/org.jrebirth-8.0.0/doc/Installation.html

What’s new

This new version uses several new features brought by Java 8 like Multiple annotations (ie: OnWave …), default methods used by Resource engine.
It introduces new concepts: Behavior, InnerComponent, Reference Commands.
It also simplifies WaveType call back for Services and other components.

And last but not least this version bring multi-module support which allow to use custom Components at runtime according to annotations declared on interfaces/implementations and depending on jars present into the classpath.

8.0.0 version is available on:

8.0.0 – “Music Sounds Better With You” Release 2015-01-14

The 8.x series requires Java 8. This version introduces some useful enhancements and new concepts like Behaviors and Modules.

  • Get a new fresh FXML instance per FXMLModel #126
    It’s now possible to get 1000 times the same fxml to 1000 different nodes.
  • Add Multimap #118
    Add a custom MultiMap implementation.
  • Add Reference Command #116
    Allow to manage command with custom beans to chain them in an easy and convenient way (support all thread types).
  • Add Behavior Map into Component #115
    Add Behavior objects to enhance any Component.
  • Replace WaveBuilder by Smart Wave #114
    Improve internal API to be more convenient.
  • Add @RootNodeClass #112
    Allow to use annotation to define CSS class.
  • Fix method reference usage for event handler #111
    This issue will not be fixed because it’s a Java 8 bug, method should be overridden to force the real object type.
  • EventAdapter with default methods #110
    Use Java 8 default methods to be more convenient.
  • EventTypeEnum should be moved into their own file #109
    Extract all enumeration to facilitate their reusability.
  • OnKey annotation should handle several OnKey.KeyType value #108
    Fix an API issue reltaed to OnKey annotation.
  • Allow Resource declaration into enum #106
    Re-introduce a nice way to declare resources using an Enumeration.
  • Allow repeatable annotations #104
    Allow to repeat several annotations thanks to Java8 feature.
  • Simplify Service Callback WaveType #100
    Service callback method is note more easy to use.
  • Manage WaveData through MultiCommand stack #75
    WaveData are now copied throught the whole MultiCommand stack.
  • Manage Multi Module #34
    Allow to use different jars as module that will define custom components (CSM).
  • Replace InnerModel by InnerComponent #8
    InnerComponent are more generic than InnerModel and their lifecycle have been reveiwed.

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