New maintenance version: JRebirth Application Framework 8.0.4

Another maintenance version has been released to provide some bug fixes, JRebirth 8.0.4 is out.

This is the fifth release of the 8.x branch that has been merged on the master branch.

You can find the full release notes here :
and the installation procedure here:

What’s new

This new version fixes some small bugs and improve underlying code.

A 8.0.5 version is already planned to fix some other non-blocking issues.

8.0.4 version is available on:

8.0.4 – Maintenance Release 2015-10-06

This release fixes some bugs, it was performed ont the hotfixes branch.

  • WebView can’t be created into JTP #140
    WebView require to be created into JAT, thus a custom fiels has been added for all Model to force them to prepare their view into JAT.
  • Equality between multitonKey and ClassKey (with same classField) bug #165
    Fix polymorphic call, a ClassKey can never be equals to a MultitonKey
  • Improve @OnWave usage #172
    Improve annotation management, now right method is called sooner.
  • Manage .otf font #173
    Vision of the future to also support otf font (currently they don’t work well)
  • Sanitize Model hierarchy (Default, Simple, FXML) #174
    Some differences were existing within all kind of Models, now they have the same lifecycle.
  • Add @AutoRelease annotation #175
    This new annotation allow to disable the auto-releasing of Model when their root node had been removed from its parent.
  • LinkComponent with bad keypart #177
    LinkComponent was adding an empty string key part that should be considered as null.

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