JRebirth Application Framework 8.0.3 is released

I’m pleased to inform you that we have finally released JRebirth 8.0.3.

This is the fourth release of the 8.x branch that has been merged on the master branch.

You can find the full release notes here : sites.jrebirth.org/org.jrebirth-8.0.3/releaseNotes.html
and the installation procedure here: sites.jrebirth.org/org.jrebirth-8.0.3/doc/Installation.html

Special Thanks

I want to send my special thanks to DooApp Dev Team (especially Rizen59) that reports a lot of bugs and provides Pull Requests to fix other. Definitely they are first-class citizens in JRebirth land. They are so helpful by sending a lot of smart remarks, sometimes I’m wondering if they know better the source code than me !

What’s new

This new version fixes some small bugs and refactor the way Wave Bean are carried by the Wave and how they are used by Command.

8.0.3 version is available on:

8.0.3 – Maintenance Release 2015-08-27

This release fixes some migration bugs and add few new features.

  • Allow to customize FXMLControllerBuilder enhancement #164
    A new JRebirth Parameter has been added to allow customization of the FXMLController Factory
  • Displaying multiple FXML models (with same classField) #159
    It’s now possible to load several instances of a FXMLModel by using FXMLParams.
  • The listener attached rootNode parent property is never removed #156
    Fix a memory leak, release listener when rootNode is removed from parent.
  • InitInternalInnerComponents() is called twice for Model #155
    Remove a duplicate call to initInternalInnerComponents method.
  • Key.create() can instantiate a classKey if the first KeyPart is empty #154
    Fix an issue already resolved into 7.x branch and badly merged.
  • To be able to extend DisplayModelWaveBean. #153
    Allow to extend existing command more easily, now a Wave can embed several WaveBeans that can be grabbed by any Command.

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