New Major version: JRebirth Application Framework 8.5.0

After a really calm year and with serious delay I’m happy to announce the release of a new major version of JRebirth the 8.5.0.

This is the seventh release of the 8.x branch and it will be followed by minor versions to add some micro feature and fix some troubles.

You can find the full release notes here :
and the installation procedure here:

What’s new

This new version brings a totally refactored module management with a real live demo using them. The Demo use currently 3 submodules (the two old showcase apps and a new one) package into one application runnable with Webstart, as Windows executable or standalone jar.

InnerModel has been replaced by Inner Component API usable for any Component to create some aggregated group of Components (with a tightly coupled lifecycle).

Another noticeable feature was the API refactoring to lightweight all method call, in example getModel() method was refactored to model(), you will not be polluted by get and set anymore (if you see one open an issue, the hunt is not over and I know that some of them are still alive).

And last but not least, JRebirth maven build allow now to write documentation using Markdown with doxia include support, so it will be more convenient to write doc so don’t hesitate to ask documentation for a feature you don’t master yet. Obviously Pull Requests are also accepted for doc pages.

I would like to thank:

  • Asafalima for its pull requests 200 and 201 allowing to use JRebirth multi-modules within gradle build (by using a JRebirth property instead of a Maven parameter)
  • Rizen59 for its pull request 203 fixing third key part, Rizen is the first guy to use up to three key parts for his components Congrats !! (and so experiencing trouble 🙁 …)

8.5.0 version is available on:

8.5.0 – Maintenance Release 2016-09-13

This release fixes some bugs and introduces some API changes (method renamed), it was performed on the 8.x-dev branch.

ConcurrentModificationException when launching a wave bug #202
A list was 100% synchronized

Add gradle support to ‘processor’ module enhancement #199
WHen building application using gradle the annoation processor as fully operational

Homegenize NullView & NullController usage enhancement #196
Clean some code to have same pattern for NullView and NullController

Merge @LinkComponent & @LinkInnerComponent enhancement #195
Unify annotation to have a clearer API

Simplify API: remove get and set prefix enhancement #194
Shorten all getters and setters methods to have a fluent like API

Manage ShowView and HideView WaveType with annotation enhancement #193
Purify management if SHowView and HideView wave events to be simple and more efficient

Switch to markdown for documentation enhancement #192
Starting now e can write all website documentation using markdown instead of Xdoc

Replace JRAF-INF/module.xml feature #190
Generate Java code instead of XML file to parse, it’s faster at runtime

Allow to retrieve all components implementing same interface feature #188
Add convenient method to retrieve several components using same alues for their key part

Split parameters feature #187
Allow to categorize each JRebirth parameters, thus they could be grouped into an editable user interface

Improve usability of InnerComponent enhancement #176
Refactor the InnerComponent API, works for all component and not only Models.

Modularize Showcase feature #162
Create a new Demo application that is loading several JRebirth modules, each one will load a sample showcase

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