How to run demo Applications

Since  JRebirth 8.5.0 version, all demo applications have been reviewed and their web pages have been homogenized.
Now you can download each application in three different formats:

  • A self-executable jar ( java- jar myApp.jar)
  • A Windows executable
  • A zipped archive containing a jnlp file with libraries (javaws -offline -Xnosplash myApp.jnlp

Here you have the new Comparison Tool application used to compare versions of OSGI bundles stored in two folders.


In the last case you will have to accept to launch this risky unsigned application, if you are paranoid please checkout source code from GitHub repository, inspect it, build it and launch it with confidence 😀


So as you can see we didn’t have anymore a valid Code-Signing Certificate since Open-Source licenses had stopped to be free. So if you want to run applications from JRebirth network you will have to add a security exception for domain:

You can open the Java Control Panel by running the following command: javaws -viewer
Then choose the Security tab, add our domain into exception list and choose High as security level.

After having done this quick setup you can run Java WebStart application online: javaws -Xnosplash<appGroupId>/<appVersion>/jnlp/<AppShortName>.jnlp

In example you can run the Comparison Tool application by running this command:

javaws -Xnosplash

And now if you browse the official website you can run the application directly into the browser (only if you have configured your favorite browser to still use the latest version of Java).

In this case you will obtain a slightly different security warning, if you tick all checkboxes you will not be annoyed in the future about security restrictions with JRebirth applications.


You can now enjoy JRebirth Demo applications and browse their source code on GitHub to learn efficiently JRebirth Application Framework.


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