How JRebirth deploys to JCenter and Maven Central

This post will describe briefly how we are managing the release of all JRebirth artifacts by using Maven Build, Jenkins, Artifactory, Bintray/JCenter and Nexus.


All JRebirth artifacts are deployed to several repositories as explained into the official documentation page : Installation

As you probably know, JRebirth is built using Maven tool, really convenient to package binaries, javadoc and sources jar but also to make and deploy the jrebirth website with syntax highlighting (thx to doxia include macro). It allows to break the build if a piece of code used into documentation is missing (ie: after some refactoring changes).

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JRebirth Sample Application

A POC (proof of Concept) is being written to explain how to build a JRebirth based application that communicate with a JEE server. As usual it gives me a lot of ideas to improve some parts of JRebirth (ie: adding default CRUD support) API, I will work some weeks on it, let me know if you have more urgent tasks.

Obviously this application will be open sourced, it will deal with a subject that will interest a lot of fan of a certain hexalogy (and more)…, I’ve just hired an assistant: my elder son who knows a lot of fine details about the saga. Check the JRebirth Github pages to be informed of work progression.

The architecture used will be quite simple to be easily customizable and reusable in other contexts.

Database: MySQL
Servlet Container: Tomcat
Database Access Layer: JPA => Hibernate
Communication Layer: JAX-RS => Jersey
Serialization Engine: JAX-B
Client Framework: JRebirth 😉

Later I will probably extract some files to build a more complex Maven archetype (client-server), give me feedbacks if you are interested in.

JRebirth Application Framework 8.0.0 is released

I’m pleased to inform you that we have finally released JRebirth 8.0.0.
Please note that this version is only compatible with Java 8.

This is the first release of the 8.x branch that have been merged on the master branch.
The 7.x branch will be frozen on the 7.7.5 version until someone ask me to fix an issue (and if they can not migrate to 8.0.0 version).

You can find the full release notes here :
and the installation procedure here:

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Tip #3: Never Write ‘new Thread()’ Again

As you probably know JRebirth has a powerful thread engine that kick away all coding complexity that could lead to User Interface corruptions, lags or the worst one a totally frozen interface.

It’s really difficult to create dynamically a lot of threads without adding some bugs to the application. JRebirth provides a powerful way to simplify your developments.

With the advent of Java 8 (with Method References) and JRebirth 8,  it’s now possible to chain and combine Tasks running into specific Thread in a very convenient way.

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JRebirth Application Framework 7.7.5 is released

I’m pleased to inform you that we have released JRebirth 7.7.5 which fix an ugly regression of the 7.7.3 found the day after the release and not completely fixed by 7.7.4.

This will probably be the final release of the 7.x branch (except if a fatal error is found).

The upcoming 8.0.0 version will be released soon and will require Java8, newer amazing features are on the go, stay tuned !!

You can find the full release notes here :
and the installation procedure here:

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