JRebirth 0.7.1 is out !

JRebirth 0.7.1 is out !!

It’s a small rebound from the 0.7.0 version to manage correctly fonts pre-loading.
What does JRebirth provide ?
JRebirth is a JavaFX 2 Application Framework, hereafter you have a list of key features :

  1. Maintain perfect SoC with a WCS-MVC design pattern
    JRebirth define 6 main components which have their own lifecycle are loosely coupled each other.%%%
    You can see a small diagram here : [http://www.jrebirth.org/overview/|http://www.jrebirth.org/overview/]
  2. Simplify Thread Management
    JRebirth manage all tasks asynchronously or synchronously, you don’t have to bother to multi-threading issues. %%%
    JRebirth uses 3 levels of threads : [JAT, JIT, JTP|http://www.jrebirth.org/thread]
  3. Small Memory footprint
    Each main JRebirth component can be collected by the garbage collector easily to avoid memory leaks
  4. Lightweight (lower than 50kb with pack200)
    JRebirth Core Library’s size is lower than 50kb when compressed with pack200/gz.
  5. Maven Ready
    JRebirth is built using Maven, for instance it has its [own Maven repository|http://repo.jrebirth.org|en], but it will be send to Central later.
  6. JRebirth is Free and Open Source
    => JRebirth source code is available on GitHub : [https://github.com/JRebirth|https://github.com/JRebirth].
    Don’t hesitate to fork it and to send some pull requests
  7. JRebirth is best practices’ compliant
    JRebirth has its [own continuous integration|http://ci.jrebirth.org] server which allow [checking its quality|http://quality.jrebirth.org]
  8. 4 Demo Applications
    JRebirth has 4 demo applications : 3 Presentation and 1 Analyzer tool, you can run them online.
    The latest is available at : www.jrebirth.org/apps/lightningtalk.html

Check it out !!

The best way to use it is to add the JRebirth Maven repository : [http://repo.jrebirth.org|http://repo.jrebirth.org] to your settings.xml.%%%
You can also fork JRebirth project on GitHub and build it yourself.%%%
Otherwise you can download the zip file from continuous integration server (Jenkins) or directly on the web site (can be out of date).%%%

Join the project

JRebirth is needing you !

If you want to participate you can :

  • ask for evolutions
  • submit issues on GitHub
  • ask for help on the mailing list
  • end some pull request
  • and whatever you want to help us !

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